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Dani would like you to know that she usually talks nonsense, so don't pay too much attention.

And I call myself a world traveller?

visited 19 states (8.44%)
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I've only been to 19 countries despite having grown up traveling. I am rather disappointed with myself.
At least I'll be able to add Spain and Morocco to the list this Christmas.

So I've been gone a while...

I've been trying to figure some stuff out. So here's a quick update on my life, and a little thingy about today's date: 10/10/10.

1) I'm applying to Oxford University to study Biological Sciences. The deadline is Friday. I'm screwed.

2) The second year of OT is more hardcore than the first year. I was not entirely prepared. But I'm still bored =/

3) Sam needs me. The most independent guy I've ever met has admitted he needs me, and we've been together again for a few weeks with a new rule in place: we're only allowed to spend two, non-consecutive night together. So far it's working.

4) 10/10/10Collapse )

Well Sam dumped me on Friday

The day after our nine month anniversary.
Also pretty much straight after he showed me the best holiday I've ever had when he came down to South Africa and we drove around in a dinky little car and stayed at guest houses and backpackers'.

Come break me down
Marry me, bury me
I am finished with you

Look in my eyes
You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you

I wrote Juliana a 2440-word email

Now let's see if she can reply with an equally long one. =P

A few dates I have to point out:

Two days ago it was my German grandfather's 82nd birthday, which he spent here in George with us. Now I wish he would go home because he's making everything awkward with his shuffling about and staring at people. (Yeah, I know, he's my grandfather, but he's creepy o_O...)

Yesterday was my youngest cousin's third birthday. Apparently he had a Toy Story themed party, and my eldest cousin was present for the event. I am jealous, but then she is his godmother. And I'm jealous about that too.

A few months ago I was introduced to the concept of a Name Day, which is the feast day dedicated to a saint after whom a person is named. Tomorrow is Sam's name day, so happy name day to him? Should I tell him to feast, or should he stick to his new diet (necessary because of his 2.5 weeks in South Africa eating steak almost every day)?

As for today... let's just say I'm not riding in a car tomorrow for any reason. My dad suggested the five of us go for a drive that took us several hours through mountains. Sitting in the back seat, my nausea was pretty bad. At one point I almost passed out, and I actually wanted to just to stop the suffering for a while. But no, I was conscious for the entire sickening trip. It would have been a nice outing if not for my car sickness. I don't understand how I can be absolutely fine on boats, but put me in a car for too long and I start feeling ill and unable to get enough oxygen.

Anyway, how's everyone doing? Enjoying your holiday (if you have one)?

Sam left SA yesterday

I was fine all day until I got back to my room around 7:30pm. I was missing him already, of course, but I could be seen in public.

As soon as I walked into my room and realised he wouldn't be sitting there reading and he wouldn't be there if I woke up in the middle of the night, I began crying.

I went straight to bed, read for a little while, but ultimately fell asleep before 9pm.

I think having him here in South Africa made me love him more. I didn't feel this bad when I had to leave him to fly here.



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